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I'm a brand designer, illustrator, graphic designer, and retro design devotee. I love obsessing over animation styles, playing cute video games, and picking vintage-inspired color palettes. You can often find me in my home with my two cats listening to the Little Women soundtrack. Reach out and chat with me about design, Kirby, or the best chai latte recipes.

I'm a self-taught designer who's worked with brands across the globe — Potsu, Duke University, Space News, and more. I am deeply passionate about helping other self-made creatives and business owners step into their passion and live their best life.

I also stream art on Twitch, and am working on a class for Skillshare! 


At Paper Hat Design Co, our mission is to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives develop meaningful, unique brands that have an emotional (and financial) impact. We achieve this with our tried-and-true research and development process that centers around intimately understanding your vision, conducting thorough brand and design research, and helping you lean into your most authentic self.


Although we welcome all visions and ideas, our specialty is creating modern brand identities inspired by vintage and retro themes. We’re warm, whimsical, weird, and have a soft spot in our hearts for self-made creatives who have big goals, but need a little help making their visions a reality.


When you choose to work with us, you’re getting a team that truly cares about your success. We bring enthusiasm, wonder, and joy to every project and put our hearts into everything we do. Whether you’re in need of a branding package, a social media campaign, an animated gif package, or a unique illustration series, we can work some serious magic.


Ready for us to dream up something that connects with people’s hearts and makes them want to learn more about your business? Get in touch with us today to bring your ideas to life.


  • Brand strategy

  • Branding packages

  • Print design

  • Apparel design

  • Illustrations

  • Packaging design

  • Web design

  • Consulting

  • Hand-drawn animation

  • Motion design

  • Social media strategy

  • Social media design

  • Twitch stream design




After we agree on a package tailored for you, I'll work on strategy for your brand designs! We'll figure out what your goals are, and how we can make your audience fall in love with your brand!


Once we decide on your goals and strategy, we move onto sketching! I will send you some concepts to consider, and we'll work on chiseling our way to the perfect concept for you!


Once you approve the direction, we can really get excited! I'll put together the concepts and elements for you, and you can decide whether we are good to go, or if you'd like to make a few more tweaks!


Once the final designs are approved, I'll make any materials you need (banners, business cards, etc), and you'll be ready to go! You'll go thrill the world with your amazing business!